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jueves, 3 de enero de 2013



Tinto Brass is a italian adult film director, very amusing and funny.

Tinto Brass have a lot of fils named adult films, no pornografic films only a erotic fims, perhap CALIGULA is the adult fils that filmed Tinto Brass alike pornographik film, it´s a film in something escenes to filmed hardcore and nasty, newer nobody had a chance to finished this film.

More kindi is the Tinto Brass film, "Cossi fan tute" named in Spain "Todas lo hacen" in Spain renamed the films, its a tradiction.

For me the best film of Tinto Brass its one named MIRANDA in Spain aswell was named MIRANDA ¡Miracle, jejeje!


The italian town,and the bar to regent MIRANDA worried caused her married, lonnely lookig lovedmen into de bar coustomed, sex and red wine

And now whe talk about red wine

You can drink red spanish wine Pinna Fidelis Crianza and you can meet venta de vinos de ribera de duero , Ribera de Duero´s wine its the most important and besttaste vine in the spanish country, in spain lenguage its named Ribera de duero into Ribera Duero´s wine, i recomended Pinna Fidelis Crianza It´s Penafield´s wine, into Castilla y León countri into Valladolid, Spain, it´s named in spanish   vino tinto de valladolid

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