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martes, 14 de mayo de 2013

Blueflag beach


The spanish fury and violence are a mitical sep, finnish and germans think about this...realy do i´ts aprossimate at the spanish counciesness alike very emotive and perhaps jealous and worked for your own, fight in insistencemodecode, all are ignorance about others countries, cause we live in changered and globaliced and comlicate word...you believe in the limit exist until begin...in drunkenessmode the spanish people are very friendly when the spanish are happy when the night came, now start in sed that a big seriusly and labored, it´s easier to understund...

Me awake too earlier and har worked in the middel day, like i,m no in holydaysmodecode, but in holydaysmode i´m other person, cause other thing it´s wrong.

In Benidorm hotel in Benidorm city, you are welcome and you will be agasajed and care whit when your calendar saidyou now are freework, in Spanish coast when the faboluos sun broke the limpidblue skyline
and the sea appears alike greencolours you will be into to stay in a misticaldeam and never alone.

Benidorm have a blueflag in their coast, the best cualiy that can to exist.


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